Getting to Bishop


Bishop is a five hour drive from Los Angeles or Las Vegas, and about three and a half hours from Reno, Nevada. The drive from the Bay Area can be as short as five or six hours and significantly longer if Tioga and Sonora Passes are still shut, which they are about half of the time at this time of year. 

If driving Google will get you here just fine but there are sometimes subtle options. For instance, if coming from Las Vegas you have the option to drive through or avoid Death Valley National Park. Avoiding is faster by half and hour but driving through is the much more interesting option (and you could stop and do some quick heat training!). Coming from Reno an interesting and only slightly longer option is to take the Smith Valley option, which has much less traffic (and fewer deer) and is only two miles longer. Any drive to Bishop is a spectacular undertaking due to the grand scenery. We suggest you take your time getting here!


If flying and renting a car compare prices from Reno (shortest drive), Las Vegas (usually cheapest) and Los Angeles area (most traffic) airports. Flying into Mammoth is an option but the on-time rate for that flight hovers, so to speak, around 15%. There's one flight a day into Mammoth. 

With out a car

It can be done - The easiest way is to fly into Reno and take the Eastern Sierra Transit bus (ESTA). Check the schedule carefully - it does not operate every day of the week. Typically the bus leaves Reno around noon and gets to Bishop 4.5 hours later. Once in Bishop you'll have to connect up with another racer for local transport. Use the forum on the race's Ultrasignup page. We'll be happy to start a list of car poolers, too. 

Staying in Bishop


There are many camping options including staying in the Millpond Campground, which is a short crawl from the race start and finish. They have a finite amount of space, though, so reservations should be made early. 760-873-5342 or They have showers and the usual amenities. 

The closest public campgrounds include the nearby BLM "Pit", which charges a modest fee, would be warm, and is across the highway from the race start. Higher elevation campgrounds might be a better option due to the heat and include Bitter Brush and Four Jeffrey, both up Bishop Creek. See to look into those. As of this writing Bitterbrush is first come, first served (no reservations). It's 10 minutes from race start and about 6,500' elevation. Four Jeff is about 8,000' elevation, is big, and takes reservations. 

Bishop has a huge array of motel options. On the high end, and quite comfy, is the Bishop Creekside Inn. Mid range motels are abundant in town and they seldom fill up except for busy holiday weekends. At the time of this writing no motels have offered special rates for our runners but we're working on it.